The Poole Compact


This sets out how the council and the voluntary sector will work together, covering the rights and responsibilities on both sides.

The Poole Compact was signed in May 2012.

Signing the Compact:

Richard Dimbleby, Cllr Elaine Atkinson, Chris Beale

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Poole CVS will be:

  • Asking colleagues within the council and other statutory organisations to champion the Compact within their organisations
  • Collecting evidence of good practice in partnership work in Poole, to present to both the council and the voluntary sector
  • Developing a dispute resolution process to resolve any differences that arise in dealings between the statutory and voluntary sectors.

We want to build Poole into an area of best practice regarding the Compact. There is a "Green Flag Map" on the Compact Voice website (under Resources) which shows areas which have achieved this, and you can click on flags to find out more about the successes in various areas.

Background to the Compact

There is a similar National Compact, which is an agreement between the government and the voluntary/community sector, to encourage better working together at both national and local levels.

It offers support and guidance to both sectors on issues such as protecting the independence of the voluntary sector, ensuring voluntary organisations are involved in designing and delivering services and policies, and ensuring funding arrangements are as fair as possible. It has been endorsed at the highest levels of government.

This has been used as the template for the Poole Compact.

The Compact aims to achieve:

  • A strong, diverse and independent civil society [voluntary sector]
  • Effective and transparent design and development of policies, programmes and public services
  • Responsive and high-quality programmes and services
  • Clear arrangements for managing changes to programmes and services
  • An equal and fair society

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There is an organisation called Compact Voice which acts as the voice of the voluntary sector on the Compact - see their website.


"A clear sign of success will be when we no longer need a Compact because partnership working is second nature to government departments and agencies".
Nick Hurd, Minister for Civil Society.