Best Value Statutory Guidance

Eric Pickles, former secretary of state for communities and local government, published a one-page document: Best Value Statutory Guidance replacing the previous government's "Creating Strong, Safe and Prosperous Communities: Statutory Guidance".

The four "reasonable expectations of how local authorities will conduct themselves in their dealings with the voluntary sector" are:

  • They will not pass on disproportionate cuts to local voluntary and community groups by inflicting bigger reductions to budgets than they are taking on themselves.
  • They will have been talking to voluntary and community groups at a very early stage about how services need to change.
  • They will have given three months' notice or more when they think they need to end or alter a grant, or other support.
  • They use this three months to give local groups a chance to make their case and suggest alternative ways of redesigning or reshaping the service.

Other instructions include telling councils to honour local Compact commitments and not to impose disproportionate funding cuts on the voluntary sector.

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